SKU: A23-7671
  • MLS Major League Soccer TeenyMates are 1" collectible figures for 24 Teams in North America!
  • Collect all 24 common soccer figures, plus 4 rare, hard to find figures! 
  • Each packet contains two random TeenyMate figures and two random puzzle pieces. When completed, the puzzle creates a two-sided poster: one side being a soccer field to use with figures, the other side being a poster of all the figures offered in the set. There are four "Rare" figures that appear randomly in individual packets as well: Neon Glow-In-The-Dark Rare Figure (odds: 1 in 48 packets), Atlanta United "King Peach" Kit Rare Figure (odds: 1 in 96 packets), L.A. Galaxy Away Kit Rare Figure (odds: 1 in 192 packets) and Metallic Gold Rare Figure (1 in 384 packets)
  • Imported
  • By Party Animal, Inc.

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